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                           is an elegant ready to wear brand that creates a practical, straight forward evening wear with emphasis on femininity.

 The garments unveil, hide and empower the female body by giving her confidence.

 The designs are tailored using high quality fabrics with clean accurate finishes, focusing on the smallest details, creating a stylish and luxurious appearance.

 The vision is to make the one wearing it to be exceptional while being modest. 


Diana Bazeli grew up with fabrics.

 As the firstborn daughter of a textile industry family, Diana started her fashion education at the same time she learned to speak.

 Right after graduating her fashion design studies, Diana started working her way through the fashion world as an intern for leading fashion designers and stylists.

Diana was head designer of “firstkiss”, an israeli high fashion brand which presented and sold her designs in Stockholm, Vienna, London and Tel-aviv.

 In 2014 Diana created


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